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Japanese feet
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0 mm US customary units (Imperial units) 0
880 in to 11
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See also Japanese units of measurement Notes ^ a b Hoffmann, Johann Joseph (1876), A Japanese Grammar, Volume 6 of Classica Japonica facsimile series
93 in In 1902, the Korean Empire adopted the Japanese definition of the shaku as that of the ja
International Shoe Size Conversion Charts/Converter Tables for
The traditional Japanese bamboo flute known as the shakuhachi ("shaku and eight") derives its name from its length of one shaku and eight sun
30175 to 0
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com ^ a b "尺" [Shaku]
By the early 19th century they were largely within the range of 0
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  v t e Elements of Japanese architecture Styles Buddhist Buke Daibutsuyō Gassho Giyōfū Hachiman Hirairi Hiyoshi (Hie) Irimoya Ishi-no-ma Kasuga Kibitsu Nagare Ōbaku Zen Setchūyō Shinden Shinmei Shinto Shoin Sukiya Sumiyoshi Taisha Wayō Zenshūyō Model of Himeji Castle Types of building Butsuden Castle Chashitsu Dō Haiden Heiden Hokora Hōkyōintō Kura Kyōzō Machiya Main Hall Minka Setsumatsusha Shōrō Tahōtō Tō Yagura Roof styles Hidden Irimoya Karahafu Structural Burdock piling Chigi Disordered piling Engawa Fusuma Hisashi Irimoya-zukuri Irori Jinmaku Katōmado Katsuogi Kuruwa Mokoshi Moya Nakazonae Namako wall Nightingale floor Onigawara Ranma Shōji (washi) Sōrin Tamagaki Tatami Tokonoma Tokyō Tsumairi Shibi Gates Approaches Genkan Kairō Karamon Mon Nijūmon Niōmon Rōmon Sandō Sanmon Sōmon Torii (Mihashira) Rooms Chashitsu Daidokoro Mizuya Shoin Toilets Washitsu Furnishings Butsudan Byōbu Chabudai Emakimono Furo Futon Getabako Kaidan dansu Kamado Kamidana Kichō Kotatsu Misu Noren Sudare Tamaya Tansu Zabuton Zafu Outdoor objects Chōzuya (Temizuya) Ishigantō Komainu Tōrō Measurements Ken Koku Ri Shaku Sun Organizations Architectural Institute of Japan Japan Institute of Architects Metabolist Movement Related topics Groups of Traditional Buildings Iki Japanese garden (rock (Zen)) Ryokan Sentō Wabi-sabi Yabo National Treasures Castles Residences Shrines Temples Retrieved from "https://en
  ^ A note on shakuhachi lengths ^ 甲 ^ 乙 References Weiner, E S C;; Simpson, J A (2004) [1989]
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3 centimeters or 11
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[9][10] Korea 1 ja (Korean: 자) = SI units 0
When it was distinguished from the general shaku, it was called the "whale shaku" (kujirajaku, from the whale whiskers used as cloth rulers) while the general unit was known as the "metal shaku" (kanejaku)
[6][7] The use of the unit for official purposes was banned on March 31, 1966, although it is still used in traditional Japanese carpentry and some other fields
5 centimeters or 14
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[8] Similarly, the koku remains in use in the Japanese lumber trade
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929 in),[1] but a longer value of the shaku (also known as the kōrai-shaku) was 1
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Traditionally, the measurement varied over time, location, and use
Metric Association page) ^ a b Details of the two shaku units at sizes
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[5] This means that there are 3
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) Japan 1 shaku (Japan) = SI units 0
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[6] The Shōsōin in Nara preserves some antique ivory one-shaku rulers, known as the kōgebachiru-no-shaku (紅牙撥鏤尺?)
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93 in The shaku has been standardized as 10/33 meter (30
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(The modern Taiwanese chi actually uses this length as well, while the mainland and Hong Kong chis vary slightly
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